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Room Reader Book
Paperback (free delivery) & Kindle £4.99
George Dimitrov, Standard Committee of British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP), and British (& American) Psychological Society, BPS (& APA) member, speaker, author, writes in the book “…Room Reader has inspired me to have my therapeutic sessions inside a client’s property whenever I can. I am learning that there is no point guiding someone in one direction if, for example, a picture or ornament they look at is constantly and silently guiding them in another…”
Hannah's Roomies Album
Digital Download
18 songs, performed by various artists, conclude half of Room Reader’s 36 chapters. The lyrics reissue America’s favourite hymn to cover righteous bullying (Amazing Greats), why we’re here & what we leave (When Evening Falls), domestic abuse leading to empowerment (Sorry For Your Loss), full-force empowerment (Own Little Crown), a plea against confrontational communication (Hostile Target), celebrity posturing & inner emptiness (Show-Horse) & lots of looks at love.
Roomies Poems
Paperback – A4 Size (Free Delivery)
The book starts with Hannah’s poems that are a lyrical track to her mental and spiritual development. These are followed by the lyrics and notations of the 18 easy-listening (but not always easy-reading), highly-rated, original songs on the Hannah’s Roomies album.
Psychic Room Reader
80 screenshot, uninterrupted, real-life (and death) stories – 470 Facebook pages – where Hannah sees love, loss, happiness, pain and abuse… even if the client has to check this with other family members. Combining the Reviews and the Recommendations, Hannah has well over 100  and for these Facebook has given her 4.9 out of 5 i.e. 98% usefulness and accuracy.